October 17, 2023

Welcome to Psychedelics Passion , We are a USA and Euro based company specializing in retail wholesale distribution of the best  Psychedelics products like mushroom and DMT

Note:   We don’t manufacture most of these chemicals, we buy them from a network of highly qualified and trusted manufacturers. We test all products before buying them. We currently have 2 dispatch centers, one in the USA, another one in the Netherlands.

How do we send packages?

Our Psychedelics shop cares about customers safety and security. We have a team of experts who ship worldwide Psychedelics products  discreetly. We pack the packages carefully with tungsten and carbon papers to skip through customs x-ray machines at airports. Parcels are beautifully packed with gift papers from outside.

We have a dedicated customer support team that is available anytime to serve you. You can ask anything anytime and you will get a response from our staff immediately (ASAP). Customer support may be a bit delayed on Sundays. We process orders quickly to make possibly faster international deliveries.


Our mission at Psychedelics Passion is to change the way in which mainstream culture perceives psychedelic substances. Psychedelics Passion is a new era of It defined by practical, measured use for specific purposes. It is an era not for ‘dropping-out’ and rebelling against society, but for integrating It into our mainstream culture; an era invigorated by the tremendous upside of responsible psychedelic use rather than paralyzed by misguided fear of their possible negative repercussions. Here at It , we plan to contribute to this new era by providing reliable, well-researched information about incubating online and in-person psychedelic community; and working within mainstream culture through constructive conversations with thought-leaders across all major fields and disciplines. It has been the indigenous use of psychedelics for years. The Psychedelics times is upon us now. Brought about by recent developments in psychedelic legalization and research – and it will change the way mainstream culture perceives psychedelic use. To find out more about , read our manifesto. It details everything you need to know about responsible psychedelic use in the 21st century.

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