July 24, 2024

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    Strain Name: Trainwreck StrainGrade: A

    Typ: Sativa dominant. I’m guessing around 80/20 or more.

    Looks: Extremely stiff and dense nugs. Lime green buds adorned with orange hairs. The crystallization is lovely and the crystallization is also nice. Excellent coverage.


    Smell: Very intriguing. I’ve never smelled a bud as strong. It’s difficult to define, however it’s like a floral/herb scent. (10/10)

    Taste: Very nice. The taste is sour with a hint of pine and sweet too! Also, it leaves a lovely aftertaste that you can taste. (9/10)

    Effects: Great head high. You’ll giggle for a bit. Its head high I find is heavier than the clear-headed but can be used without no issues. Also has a small body stone, mostly in my head and upper body. (10/10)

    Potency: Extremely powerful. It hits pretty hard. It appears to have taken about a minute or so. It’s a long time. (10/10)

    Good Strain For Nausea, depression, medium-sized headaches/pain. It’s a Sativa, which means basically everything.

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